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The Cat-Eye Catastrophe

Marie Antoinette gave a large cat-eye stone ring to her friend the Count De Fersen who never stopped wearing it after her execution. Unfortunately he too was killed on the steps of Stockholm Cathedral when one of the assailants cut off his finger and threw it with the ring into the sea. From that moment onwards the assailant was haunted by the ring through constant aberrations of the finger returning to threaten him.

The agate stones form some unique shapes to add interest to the design. each stone is spaced by a similar stone cut into the shape of a bead.

blue cat eye stone necklace

A Blue Stone

£5.95 - An oval shaped blue cat-eye stone suspended on a string of light blue agate stones. Each stone is carefully cut into artistic shapes. This relatively long necklace is approximately twenty two inches in length. (55.88 cm) and is fixed by a hook and ring clasp.

Necklace Dimensions

cat-eye stone

The gorgeous cat-eye stone is the centre piece of this necklace and the stone measures roughly 30 mm across. The contrasting blue colours make a necklace that looks far more expensive than the price suggests.