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Pink Silver Bracelets

All the bracelets fasten by means of a silver spring loaded ring clasp, which hooks into a jump ring welded onto the corresponding end of the bracelet.

The natural lining of the oyster gives the surface an irrestisitable egg-shell finish, that glimmers and reflects light in a wondrous pink sheen.

Each bracelet is sent to you in its own gift box. If buying a present for someone else please check to see if they have small or large wrists as bracelets less than 6.5 inches tend to be only suitable for smaller wrists.

pink flower bracelet

Pink Flower bracelet

£19.95 Pastel pink mother of pearl set on a sterling silver flower design bracelet. This pretty bracelet is composed of four flowers interspersed with four oval shapes of silver with a pink inlay. Each flower has six small petals with the pink mother of pearl as its centre. pink flower bracelet on wristThe Approximate length of the bracelet is 6.75 inches (170 mm) so it is ideally suited for those with small to average sized wrists. Each flower measure approximately 16 mm across whilst the oval section measure 8 mm wide. It weighs roughly ten grams. The bracelet is relatively lightweight and is approximately 8 grams.

pink mosiac bracelet

Pink Mosaic

pink mosiac bracelet on wrist

£29.95 - Square shapes of sterling silver into which a delicate set of smaller squares have been inlaid. Each smaller square is pink mother of pearl, in slighter different shades producing a mosaic of pastel pink.The inlay is further decorated with a linear swirl of polished silver. Each square is interlinked by a twin pair of jump rings. There are nine square segments producing a length of 7.75 inches (195 mm). The weight is farily substantial 22 grams.

Diamond shape

pink diamond shape bracelet

£19.95 - Diamond shapes of sterling silver into which a delicate layer of pink mother of pearl has been inlaid. pink diamond shape bracelet on wrist The diamond segments are linked by a series of jump rings. A flexible and versatile pink wrist accessory. The Edge of each diamond shaped section is beveled to give a smooth and comfortable feel. The contemporary look and fell of this bracelet makes it a highly desirable gift of silver jewellery. It measures 7 inches (178 mm) in length and weighs 12 grams. A simple yet effective design that will never fail to please.

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