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One of the resplendent features of the mother of pearl is its cool reflection of light in a variety of soft shades of white and silver. The 3 mm thick and solid arches give this chunky bracelet an enduring and classy feel.

chunky silver bracelet

Chunky Silver bracelet

£34.95 Mother of pearl inlaid on silver. This chunky bracelet oozes quality with a finish of high craftsmanship.

Available in Pink (White has now all sold out)

This stunning bracelet is available in a choice of two colours. The natural off-white colour of mother of pearl which under some light conditions is similar to the reflection of moon-shine. Alternatively there is the pink variety which is an natural exquisite pastel colour that will enhance the beauty of any style of outfit.

Bracelet Dimensions

Approximately twenty four grams of silver excellence. The bracelet is composed of five arched shaped segments linked to each other by concealed pivots. Each arch of mother of pearl measures approximately 7 mm by 34 mm. Underneath each arch is a small rectangular window cut into the silver. The length of the bracelet is 7 inches (178mm).

white and pink arches of mother of pearl

clasp at end of bracelet

The mother of pearl comes from oysters that have been specially nurtured in Oyster farms. The pearl itself is obviously kept for jewellery however the oyster itself is also processed for its food value so that no part of the oyster goes to waste. The bracelet is clasped by a swivel link that clips over the bracket at the end.