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This solid chunky item of silver jewellery is more than a comfortable necklace, it is a bold statement that stands out from the crowd.

Please note that the price of this heavy chain is determined by an aggregate of silver prices over the previous six months. It may therefore increase or decrease at any time depending on the state of the precious metals market however we hope to avoid these changes by keeping the price as constant as possible.

This sturdy chain is 4 mm thick and its solid appearance oozes style and extravagance.

We also have available in our shops much heavier designs, weighing up to 1 Kilo of sterling silver

Please note we now have only one left of this chain.

A Chunky Silver Chain

£195 - A chunky 120 grams of sterling silver heavy-duty curb chain. The silver is not plated but solid throughout. Each curb links is meticulously cut to precision and joined together in a fashion that permits free flowing flexibility of the chain. It is 22 inches in length (55.88 cm) with safety hook attached to its clasp.

heavy weight silver chain

Dimensions of Silver Curb Chain

silver curb chain

A solid heavy duty silver chain weighing over 120 grams. The clasp slides into a square housing at its opposite end of the chain. The sliding mechanism is operated by pushing down a button on the clasp, which is further secured by a safety latch welded onto its side. This chunky chain has a width of 9 mm and depth of 3 mm. A highly fashionable accessory that will last many lifetimes.