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Heavy Figaro Silver Chain

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Silver figaro Chain
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The figaro is formed by two curb links followed by a longer oval link.

History of Figaro Chain.

The name comes from the daring witty roguish barber of seville in the Parisian plays by Beaumarchais. "Barber of Seville" and "the Marriage of Figaro" . The plays were subsequently adopted into Italian Opera by "Giovanni Paisiello" although the later version by "Rossini" is more widely known. The Italian chain-makers named this popular and voguish style as a tribute to those operas and the name has been used ever since.

heavy weight silver figaro chain

Taking into account the weight of the silver used, this beautiful and chunky piece of silver jewellery is actually very moderately priced.

heavy silver figaro Chain

A Heavy Duty Neck Chain

107 grams of sterling silver is used to create this heavy-duty chain. The classical "figaro" design is a timeless masterpiece of precision jewellery making. A stunning accessory of enduring quality. It is 22 inches (55cm) in length with a safety hook attached to clasp. It follows the traditional "figaoro" styling of one long link followed by a series of 3 shorter or curb links.

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figaro silver chain

Figaro Dimensions

The classical looks of a figaro are timeless. Each link is carefully cast to precision detail. The generous length means it should fit most larger size necks although its suitable as a long chain for smaller neck sizes. Its heavyweight of 107 grams makes it a heavy duty and highly visual necklace.