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The roomy interior of the locket is a great way to store images of your family of a group of friends.

Its design and unique double heart makes it an ideal romantic gift of jewellery.

This small but chunky little locket can be suspended from a chain or leather thong up to 4 in diameter. It has an enduring quality and its precision tooled hinges are similarly constructed out of solid sterling silver.


Double Locket

£11.95 - A double silver heart shaped locket. Unlike an ordinary locket this has two lockets welded into one. The unique arrangement of hinges allows you to open this locket into an ordinary locket i.e. one with two identical halves. It also allows you to open a second locket

double locket open

This special heart shaped locket allows you to store a little memento in one side whilst hiding another in the opposite side. It can be opened as a double locket at the same time. Its compact size is ideal for those tiny little pictures of objects.

heart shaped double locket

Dimensions of Locket

This little locket measures approximately 15 mm by 15 mm and the interior of each locket is roughly 3 mm deep. Due to its unique four sides it is quite deep when fully closed. In its closed position the locket measures 9 mm deep.