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Ellipse Silver Locket

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The smooth lozenge shape really make this an outstanding item of craftsmanship.

One of the earliest representations of the heart can be found in ancient Egyptian culture. The "ab" or "ib" was an essential part of the human soul and was critical for a good afterlife. Therefore it was often represented by the ancient Egyptians in their jewellery and artefacts.

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ellipse shaped sterling silver locket ellipse shaped silver locket open

An Ellipse shape.

A sterling silver ellipse shaped locket. This beautiful item of silver jewellery will stand out as a pendant of grace, elegance and style. The surface of the upper half is decorated with fine border and engraved pattern. The side of the locket has a slight indentation to allow a thumbnail to open it with ease.


ellipse silver locket

Dimensions of Ellipse silver locket

This standard sized locket at its widest point measures 14mm across and 26mm from top to bottom. It weighs roughly 3.5 grams. It can be hung from a chain or thong from its 5mm oval shaped jump-ring that is soldered.