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A unique accessory that is both attractive and charming.

If necessary the clasp can be cut off with scissors and a jump ring attached to convert the locket into an additional charm for a bracelet. (we do not undertake this work ourselves)

There are but a very few lockets that are smaller. It is ideal as a centrepiece to a choker style chain.

Measuring only 10 mm at its widest point this tiny locket is suspended from a pendant clasp and can be worn alone on a chain or as a compliment to other pendants. It weighs less than 2 grams and is cast from pure sterling silver. It is roughly 3 mm deep and its interior has a frame to enable miniature pictures to be stored safely.

miniature silver heart locket

A Small Locket for that Big occasion

£6.95 - A heart shaped, miniature sterling silver locket. This small locket represents a masterpiece in silver engineering. Whilst small in size, it makes a perfect piece of jewellery for that big romantic occasion. Mouse-over the locket to see inside.

Dimensions of Locket