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Green Amber Ring

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green amber ring
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Underneath the round mount the shank of the ring divides in two, which provides extra support to the amber.

The pendeloque shaped amber will endear itself to whoever wears it. A unique and uncomplicated ring that looks stunning all year round.

The tones and hues of the green amber vary from one ring to another so what you are buying will be an utterly unique priece of silver jewellery.

The magical properties of this green resin are thought to have been created by chlorophyll being trapped inside the resin when the amber was formed.

silver ring with green amber

Pendeloque Shaped Amber

A large pear shaped green amber set in an sterling silver ring. A simple yet dazzling amber ring which compliments an expensive outfit. Currently only available in size P


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Dimensions of Ring

At its widest point the amber has a width measuring approximately 15 mm and weighs approximately 6 grams. This domed shaped green amber measures 10 mm deep from the top of its surface to the silver mount.