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A Cognac Amber Ring

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oval amber ring
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The ring comes boxed in a hand-made ring box. Please check you have the correct ring-size before making the order as to avoid a set of postal fees in returning the correct size.

small silver ring with orange amber

Oval Perfection

An item of amber jewellery that oozes splendor, with its elegant and sublime silver work that captures the magic of the amber in a subtle yet fashionable way. The ancient cognac coloured stone has been carefully hand-cut and polished to enhance its natural qualities. A floral pattern is cut out of the arms of the ring shank supporting the Oval Amber. Available in sizes N, P and R


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Dimensions of Ring

A cognac oval shaped amber set in a plain simple yet stylish sterling silver ring mount. Brought to you from the shores of the baltic sea, it is currently only available in size J. The amber measures approximately 14 mm x 21 mm and weighs over four grams.