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large Round Cognac Amber Ring

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large Round Cognac Amber Ring
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Can be worn either as a dress ring or simply for a quick trip to a cafe. A versatile item of jewellery that looks attractive at any time.

The ring is an attractive accessory for all seasons. It can be worn casually or formally. Spellbinding silver jewellery.

round amber ring

Circular Perfection

A large round cognac amber set in an sterling silver ring. An elegant and contemporary amber ring which is sold elsewhere for a lot more. Sorry but this popular silver ring is now only availbale in sizes J, L, N, and the larger size R.


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Dimensions of Ring

The amber has a diameter measuring approximately 22 mm and weighs approximately 7 grams. The dome of amber is about 5 mm deep. It has a perfectly round and smooth finish. A highly visual item that will bring hours of fascination. The shape is reminiscent of a goldfish bowl which acts as looking glass into the ancient natural world.