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Oval Amber Ring in an Ornate Setting

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silver ring with lozenge shaped amber
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The orange colour represents all that is elegant in amber jewellery.

This stunning lozenge shaped amber is set on a stylish and contemporary silver ring. A splendid article of jewellery which combines the ancient qualities of the amber with a modernistic design. The highly polished silver magnificently contrasts the natural browns and oranges of this revered resin.

oval amber ring

Resinous Perfection

A lozenge shaped cognac amber set on an orante oval setting of hallmarked sterling silver that is decorated with a series of round silver shapes in a border of detailed silver-work. The lozenge shape of amber is wonderfully offset by this ornate silver setting. Currently available in sizes P or S.


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Dimensions of Ring

The amber measures approximately 10 mm x 20 mm and the complete ring weighs approximately 6 grams.