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Small Amber Ring

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small orange amber ring
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There are few, if any, gifts that cost less than £12 which will last for decades. This stunning silver ring is the exception and despite its low price can be passed down from generation to generation.

Using only sterling silver means the ring is not affected by water so it can safely kept on when bathing or swimming. Also it means there is no nickel or other allergy sensitive material that can cause green finger.

When we say small we mean by our standards. Compared to some other less generous jewellery sites the ring is actually quite large.

small silver ring with orange amber

A Petite Orange Amber

A petite amber set on a ring of pure sterling silver. A simple yet delightful design offset by this prized and detailed resin. The oval shaped amber is of the traditional cognac colour and makes a wonderful addition to any jewellery box. It is availbale in sizes N, P and S


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oval shaped small amber ring

Dimensions of Ring

The oval shaped amber measures 17 mm by 8 mm and has a depth of 2 mm. It is in fact a well proportioned ring. This delightful silver ring weighs approximately four grams. The oval setting is secured in place by the twin ring shanks that merge to form one.