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Tear-Drop Amber Ring

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silver ring with lozenge shaped amber
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The orange colour of the amber is the traditional colour associated with this prized and sought after resin.

The stunning tear drop shape enable the ring to match a wide variety of jewellery that is similarly shaped.

The tear drop shaped silver mount for the amber, is cradled by two arms of silver that merge into one band that forms the shank for the ring.

oval amber ring

A Large Tear-Drop of Amber

A large pendeloque shaped Amber set onto a sterling silver ring. This impressive piece of jewellery stands out due to the unique colour and shape of this beautiful amber. Currently available in sizes L or P.


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Dimensions of Ring

The amber measures approximately 25 mm x 15 mm and the ring weighs approximately six grams. The amber is bulbous in shape and measures 10 mm deep. This extra dimension of height gives the ring a high quality and chunky feel to it.