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Amber Ring with Three Colours of Amber

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silver ring with three colours of amber
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The blend of the three individual natural colours of amber, permit this ring to worn with a variety of outfits. The modern look gives the ring a very contemporary feel to it.

three colour amber ring on models hand

The curvatures of the ring shank create the illusion of a large ring. The sides spread across the finger projecting the lovely blend of its three contrasting colours.

three ambers on a silver ring

Circular Perfection

Three colours of amber beautifully arranged on a stylish silver ring. The round cut and domed shaped ambers are orange, bone and green respectively. They are cradled by two arms which taper into the ring shank. Currently available in sizes L, P and R.


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Dimensions of Ring

three ambers on a silver ring

Each round amber has a diameter of approximately 6 mm. The ring weighs roughly 8 grams and is stamped 925.