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The lettering of the prayer is reproduced to an exceptionally fine detail. The ring has been made to a very high specification and we know that it will not disappoint with its precision quality.
As with silver, there are no significant traces quantities of nickel so this ring will not corrode and will not turn your finger green. It is an extremely tough and strong ring.

It does not have to be worn exclusively by christians as it is jewellery that has a unique aesthetic appeal as a fashionable accessory.

The ring looks great worn around the neck on a chain. It need not be confined to wearing on a finger. Also the larger size makes it suitable for wear as a thumb ring.

prayer ring

Lords Prayer Ring in Stainless Steel

£4.95 - The lords prayer inscribed in Spanish all the way round the ring "Padre nuestro, que estás en el cielo" translates into:- "Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name" .. etc. Currently available in sizes L, N, P, R and V. (V is great size if you need it as a thumb ring).

solid stainless stellring

Ring of Steel

This durable ring is made of solid stainless steel. This means the steel is mixed with at least ten per cent chromium to produce stainless steel. The effect of this is to almost eliminate iron oxidation (rust). The steel is similarly extremely difficult to stain (hence its name- stainless).

Dimensions of Steel Ring

padre ring

It weighs on average (depending on size) six grams. It has a fairly thick shank of 2 mm. The centre of the ring is marked with a cross. To the right of that cross begins the prayer, which is written all the way around the ring. A beautiful gift of jewellery for christian religious festivals such as easter or christmas.