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If you are a company or business looking for an unusual merchandising item the please do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to help. Your logo or design could be incorporated into a pair of cuff-links or a silver ring. Alternatively you may want to give all your staff a unique bonus of a silver brooch engraved with a logo or some reference to your company. Please note that for commercial order of this nature we can only supply a minimum of 100 units and their price is determines by the relevant price of silver at the time the order is made.

With corporate merchandising we cannot make any item of silver jewellery that expressly or by implication refers to a trademark of other item of intellectual property belonging to a third party.

A collection of all types of silver jewellery merchandise

Types of jewellery stones

If you are unsure of what type of stone you want or if you need further details of a gemstone we have pages within this site that can help you. It is for example important to remember to distinguish between a birthstone which is the month in which you were born and a zodiac stone which is the star sign under which you were born. a mixed selection of silver-jewellery


This precious metal is valuable resource and should be looked after with care and attention. Its not only ideal for weddings or special occasions but can be worn at any time of the year. We have detailed information and articles about silver jewellery.

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Silver jewellery will keep for decades provided it is kept clean and free from reactive sulphides that may cause tarnish.

Whilst silver jewellery can be used for merchandising, for example logos on silver rings etc, a lot also depends on the packaging that jewellery receives.

Some of our jewellery we make ourselves, whilst some is imported from all over the world including as far as Mexico. What makes it unique is that we do not adhere to or promote brand names as we feel jewellery is a personal choice. For most items, no one piece is mass produced beyond a few hundred so generally when its gone it really is gone.