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Some of our silver jewellery is hand set (not cast in place) in mountings made from the latest cam-cad technology, that increases the natural beauty of the silver and the gemstone settings. With the casting the clasp-prongs are delicately tipped with Swiss-made cup bezels and burs. The stones are then set perfectly with micro-pneumatic hammers.

Our jewellery is completely free of allergy sensitive metals such as Cadmium and Nickel. learn a little more about our jewellery merchandise.

Not all that glistens is silver. For example nickel when polished is a visually good imitator however there are problems associated with nickel jewellery

silver clannagh rings

Composition of the Jewellery

The jewellery we sell is composed of good quality silver of sterling standard. This means it is guaranteed to be at least 92.5% pure silver. We specialize in original, innovative designs and we do not sell the bland designer names which are mass-produced and usually over-priced. To learn more, see our special page on what is silver from which you can also learn about the history of silver jewellery.

We hope to shortly publish images of our jewellery making processes as well as providing guides on how to make jewellery

The price of silver jewellery is determined by the labour involved to make it and the cost of the refined silver. The price of silver has dramatically risen over the past decade although we try to combat this inflation by focusing on more lightweight designs.

To clean silver jewellery use a silver polish cloth


The touchstone was used to test the quality of silver (and gold) by comparing a rubbing from an unknown piece with a rubbing of a piece of a known quality. The rubbings were treated with Aqua Regia, a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid, which dissolved out the impurities and the quantities of pure silver (and gold) could then be compared. There are of course many other methods of testing silver for its purity.

Silver as a Commodity.

For the best up to date details of silver prices and professional investor information visit silverstockreport.com including Current live up-to-date bullion silver prices:- (note although pure Gold is currently worth 62 times more than pure silver the percentage of gold used in jewellery is far smaller. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, whereas 9ct gold contains only 37.5% pure gold