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Jewellery Pliers

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flat nose pliers
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The above image is of the multi-purpose flat nose pliers.

Essential for making and repairing jewellery, both types of pliers are made from drop forged and hardened steel. The red plastic grips are spring loaded to automatically release pressure.

The pliers measure approximately 135 mm from top to bottom.

The bright red colour assists in finding them from when mislaid.

Please note the descriptions applied to these tools are the customary names used throughout the ages and no offense is intended to anyone by the use of those descriptions.

jewellery pliers with flat nose

Either Pair can be bought for £4.95 each.

Flat Nose pliers

These multi- purpose flat nose pliers are Ideal for making silver jewellery, as all manner of operations such as holding and bending can be performed with them. The serrated edge assists in their grip of small objects. Within each grip are basic wire cutters.

round nose pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Vital for bending wire into circles or making and closing jump-rings. Ideal for a range of other similar uses. Each rounded grip measures 25 mm in length. The narrow cone shaped tongs are useful to reshape jump rings.

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