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Cage Bangle with Diagonal Bars

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Cage Bangle with Diagonal Bars

The bangle tapers to its end so that it is wider in the middle. The design creates a stunning effect and allows for example a sun-tan to be seen through the shimmering bars of silver.

We also have a larger design of cage bangle

Cage Bangle with Diagonal Bars

Chunky Silver jewellery

A silver bangle composed of 19 diagonal bars welded across a silver cuff bangle. A chunky, yet affordable item of silver jewellery. Despite its heavyweight and chunky feel, it is extremely comfortably to wear as there is lots of space through which the skin of the wrist can freely breathe and sweat without discomfort.


Dimensions of Silver Cuff Bangle

It weighs approximately twenty grams and is made from sterling silver throughout. The cuff has a wrist width of 65mm which is adjustable. Each bar measures 27mm in length.