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For those who like large and bold silver jewellery this is an unmissable item.

We also have a similar design of cage bangle and a further narrower cuff with bars which is lighter and therefore costs less.

Despite its heavyweight it is an extremely comfortable bangle to wear because the design allows the skin to freely breathe and sweat without interruption.

silver bangle with diagonal bars

Diagonal Bars of Silver.

£49.95 - A heavy-weight silver bangle composed of a series of diagonal bars welded across two silver cuff bangles. The cuffs are tapered and fused into one with a rounded cuff edge. This large bangle blends with any skin tone that remains visible through the shiny bars of silver. The sturdy design makes it a robust article of jewellery that will never cease to impress.

Dimensions of Bangle

heavyweight bangle with bars

This heavy weight article of silver jewellery weighs over 42 grams. it is made entirely from sterling silver and is a lasting, strong bangle. It has a wrist width of approximately 68 mm and measures a wide 50 mm across. Eighteen straight bars of silver are angled across the two cuff bands to create this bangle.