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Silver Knot Bangle

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silver Bangle with knot

Suitable for gents or ladies or for any age group or style. A multicultural item of jewellery that is so versatile that it can worn at anytime and with anything.

A bangle that will mingle with any attire.

The style of knotting silver in this fashion dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. It can be worn at any time of the year and is stunning worn either byt itself of with other bangles or bracelets.

silver bangle with a tied knot of silver

A Tied Knot of Silver

The essential feature of this elegant piece of jewellery is its simplicity of design. It is composed of a round sterling silver wire that has been manipulated by craftsmen into a knot shape at one end. The other end has a small ball which hooks into the knot.


Dimensions of Silver Bangle

A fairly lightweight four grams makes it a sleek wrist accessory. The ball end unhooks from the silver knot, so it is easy to slip on and off the wrist. The Knot is carefully and delicatly welded to gether so there is no oppurtunity of the know unravelling.