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The intrinsic feature of the design is their simplicity.

A multipurpose pair of earrings as they lend themselves fit to accessories any attire at any moment.

A style of silver jewellery which never seems to go out of fashion. As popular now as they were when first introduced 70 years ago.

silver ear-rings in a simple design

Simply Silver

£6.95 A pair of silver earrings in a simple yet effective design. They should match any outfit and make a silver jewellery accessory that will regularly be taken out of your jewellery box. The entire item, including hook, is made only from quality sterling silver. The flowing and gentle lines will not fail to impress.

simply silver earrings

Dimensions of Earring

With a height of 30mm these earrings will fail not to get noticed. The bands are curved three dimensionally to give extra depth to the design. Also their modest weight of two grams each reduces any risk of irritation.

The subtle twist of the silver wire produces some visually stunning swirls