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The detailed composition can be interpreted in a number of ways. To some it looks like a flock of seagulls in flight whilst to others it reminds them of waves in a turbulent sea.

The ring is suitable for either gents of ladies, old or young and will never be seen as outdated.

The two larger sizes make this a great thumb ring, as is a perfect width and style to be worn on the thumb.

silver ring with a patterned band

A Dark Silver Background

£9.95 - A band of silver patterned with a series of swirls and waves. The pattern is set against a darkened backdrop of unpolished silver and extends all the way around the ring except for a small gap of plain silver at the rear of the ring. Available in the following (UK) sizes O, Q, S, T and also two larger sizes Y and Z.

Ring Dimensions

plain polished band

The ring weighs between four to five grams. The band has a width measuring 5 mm and its pattern covers all the ring, except for a 20 per cent section at the rear, which has been left as a plain polished band.