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The neo-classical feature of the design enables it to be worn with either the latest cat-walk design or traditional clothes.

Can be worn by men and women alike.

The cut out rectangular shapes allow air and perspiration to pass through freely to the skin, This reduces tarnish built up through the release of salts in the skin and also allows the skin to breathe more freely whilst the ring is worn.

a silver ring with rectangular chain-links

A Ring with interlinked Rectangles

£9.95 - A silver ring composed of a band of rectangular chain-links. The horizontal bars represent the links which are fused together to make a solid structure. The linear shape of the ring make it an eye-catching and sought after accessory. It has also been bought by many for wear on their thumb, as the simplicity if the design makes it a great choice of thumb ring. Available in sizes:- Q, T, V & Y

Ring Dimensions

chain-link ring on hand

Size Y of this ring weighs four grams (larger sizes are slightly heavier whilst the smaller will be lighter). Each rectangle measures roughly 7 mm by 4 mm. The all round design ensure continuity of style no matter which way round the ring is worn.