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This curvaceous ring is such a simple design that it will blend with any design of outfit.

The highly polished surface will reflect light and enhance the appeal of its smooth and precision cut edges.

This style of ring has been an attractive item of jewellery particularly to those involved with nautical or marine activity. The design in many ways resembles a ships propeller.

a silver ring with a twin curve

A Ring with a Twin Curve

£7.50 - A curved silver ring which focuses attention onto a stunning curve in its centre. The angularity of a wide thick shank of silver creates an exclusive item of jewellery. Supplied in a choice of either size M or the larger size Q.

curve silver ring on a hand

Ring Dimensions

The ring's average weight is 3 grams. The shank at its narrowest point measures 3 mm across whilst at its widest point measures 10 mm. The apex of the ring measures 5 mm deep from the top of the curve.