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A ring portraying the romance of merging together two hearts.

Some say the design is a forget me, not to remind the wearer of the loved one who gave them the ring.

The ring is an attractive adornment for romantics of either sex.

The asymmetrical hearts are designed and made together to form one piece.

a silver ring with two hearts

A Ring with interlinked hearts

£9.95 - Two hearts interlinked on a sterling silver ring. The relatively thick shank adds to the durability of this splendid article of silver jewellery. An eternal symbol of love depicting the romantic bond of two hearts and souls. Its thick shank means there is little risk of fracture or of the ring breaking. Available in sizes:- L, N,& Q

two hearts silver ring on finger

Ring Dimensions

Weighing approximately four grams the ring is stamped "925" assuring you of sterling quality of silver. Its average weight over the range of sizes is 4 grams.