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It was popularised by bikers and hells angels throughout the sixties. It became a statement of style for the rockers of the 70's and 80's. It is now a fashion icon in its own right.

Some may remember a pewter version of this ring was used as a prop in the film four weddings and a funeral when the best man forgot the wedding ring.

Essential wear for not just for bikers or rockers but also anyone with a keen eye on fashion.

Extra large Size Available

Silver ring of a skull

£29.95 - A silver ring in the form and shape of a skull. This iconic ring is cast from solid, sterling silver and contains the many fine features associated with high craftsmanship. The detailed teeth and eye sockets clearly define this classic design. Available only in the large size y and the extra large Z+3.

Dimensions of Skull Ring

profile of silver skull ring

Its weight depending on size is approximately 14 grams. This chunky item of jewellery measures 23 mm from the apex of the skull to the bottom of the jaw. As you can see from the profile shot of the ring it is dome in shape which gives a three dimensional quality to the ring.