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This unique and special ring will rarely leave your jewel box. It is a creative composition of silver jewellery.

Customers who bought this ring also bought a silver bangle and neck collars that incorporate the spherical design similar to this ring.

The ring is suitable to be worn by either men or women and has no age or culture restriction. A versatile piece of jewellery.

a silver ring with three balls

Three Silver Spheres

£9.95 - Three spheres of silver arranged in a diagonal line on a silver ring. A visually stunning silver ring that will convey a contemporary feel to any outfit. The ring shank itself is composed of a 3 mm wide piece of sterling silver tubing which wraps itself twice underneath the finger. Currently available in two sizes:- N & Q

Dimensions of Silver Ring

triple ball silver ring being worn on models fingers

Variable with size its weight is 4.1 grams for size Q. It is composed of a double twirl of silver tubing which has a silver ball in its centre and at its ends. The balls are actually half-spheres with a flat surface for greater comfort. The diameter of each ball is approximately 6 mm.