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The turquoise stone is set inside a mount which is hand crafted from the finest sterling silver.

Currently available in sizes L, N, and P

The ring compliments some of the stunning turquoise bangles which have the same colouring.

The ring is a multi-purpose accessory as it is bright enough to be worn with casual wear and yet elegant enough to be worn with a formal dress.

round turquoise stone set on a ring

A Curvaceous Silver Ring

£11.95 - A beautifully cut turquoise set on a sterling silver ring. The elegant design of this sleek and slender ring adds sophistication to any occasion. The stone is supported by a cradle of two arms that merge into the shank. The sky blue turquoise is set on a deep round plinth of silver that protects the stone. Available in sizes L, N and P.

round turquoise ring

Dimensions of Turquoise Ring

Each section of turquoise is hand cut from a stone with natural dark veins (spiders web). This contemporary silver ring weighs on average 4 grams. The width of the curved ring shank measures 2 mm whilst each stone is approximately 14 mm in diameter. The diameter of the round plinth that houses the stone measures 20 mm.