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Rose-quartz silver studs

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mother of pearl on curved silver stud earrings
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The curved column of pink rose-quartz is beautifully set on an arched setting. The polished curved edge adds a further touch of elegance to these pretty pink earrings.

The relatively lightweight of 3.3 grams means comfort to the degree that you will hardly feel you are wearing them.

Whether you are buying them as a present for somebody else or simply accessorizing your own outfit, either way you will be constantly surprised by the beauty and elegance of these earrings.

rose-quartz stud earrings

Pink Earrings

- Four faceted rectangular shaped rose-quartz stones set on a sterling silver stud. The arched row of pink stones create a swish pair of earrings. If you looking for swanky silver jewellery then your search is over. The setting is an arch of silver that is windowed to allow light to pass through the stones and enable them to successfully blend into the background.


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Dimensions of Earring

The four pink stones are set in close proximity to create the illusion of one long pink stone. The colour and depth are brought to life in their unique curved setting. This beautifully curved stud ear-ring measures approximately 14 mm long by 5 mm wide. The stud post is attached to a small plane of flat silver to enable the full extent of the arch to be visible.