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The box top measures approximately 42 mm square whilst the height of the box is 25 mm. On top of the box is a decorative silk ribbon, tied into a bow. The box is delivered free with any gemstone or plain silver ring. For toe-rings or smaller items then sometimes a velvet pouch is used as the box is simply too large.

During the christmas period some rings are dispatched in a special xmas jewellery box, that has a classical xmas feature printed around either a heart or round shaped box.

We cannot guarantee that you will always get the same box as one you may have previously received due to the rapid change of colour schemes and design.

jewellery ring boxes


The majority of our boxes are hand made using a thick embossed paper on cardboard. Inside each ring box is a slotted pad to accommodate the ring. We have a variety of colours and whenever possible we will try and match the colour of the box to the ring. We will also take into consideration whether the ring is for a lady or gentleman, as for most of the time customers would prefer not to send a pink box to a gentleman.

For smaller items we use a velvet drawstring bag or pouch which not only looks presentable for gifts but also serves to protect the silver. For much larger items such as the silver chokers we either specially gift wrap them, or some of the smaller ones are sent in a black cardboard gift box.

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Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The only artificial material we use for the packaging is the acrylic colouring which amounts to %0.012 of the product. In all other respects the boxes and our jewellery packaging are made from recycled and recyclable materials. We do not buy in boxes from so called 'eco-friendly' packaging companies who use a far greater percentage of artificial inks and dyes in their so called 'green' boxes.

Most of the silver bangles have their own black gift box in the same design as the one shown in the image on the right.

Free Boxes

In our shops all our jewellery that costs more than £5 is gift boxed for free. For the small body jewellery items they are sent in a self-seal plastic bag and most other non-jewellery items such as the leather cord are sent purely in their envelope. It is our mission to reduce and eventually eliminate all forms of packaging in retail and return to a world where the product sold itself rather than the box it came in.