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Plain Silver Cuff Bangle

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streamlined silver cuff bangle

A highly contemporary bangle suitable for both gents and ladies.

The bangles is cast from pure sterling silver throughout. The surface is painstakingly hand polished to create a lovely smooth and shiny surface which will cannot fail to be admired.

The comparatively light weight assures a comfortable feel and quality to this bangle.

Unlike its competitors which are usually plated, this is made entirely from silver so that in years to come any tarnish can be simply rubbed off with a polish cloth.

plain silver cuff

A Streamlined Cuff Bangle

A stunning unisex, sterling silver, cuff bangle. This plain and simple cuff bangle is a lovely curved band of sterling silver. The streamlined cuff band is domed in shape and is both smooth and stylish. A simple statement of style and refined taste.


Bangle Dimensions

The approximate wrist diameter of the bangle shown in the image is 63 mm so it is ideally suited for an average sized wrist. The width of the cuff band is 5 mm and its weight is a chunky 12 grams.