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Gents heavy weight silver cuff bangle

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gents silver cuff bangle

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This heavy weight bangle is of enduring quality. Its hand worked design is enhanced by the dark background.

If you want to give the gent in your life a gift of silver jewellery then look no further. A timeless and classical design. A solid and chunky bangle which is both strong and malleable.

This bangle can be worn on any occasion and in particular because of its chunky style is highly visual.

gents silver cuff bangle

Gents Cuff Bangle

A heavy weight gents silver cuff bangle. The polished finish of the artistic design is composed of a series of silver wire that is wrapped around a silver base. The wrap around is platted in the centre and knotted on either side. The wraps are sandwiched between a smooth bezelled edge.


Bangle Dimensions

The approximate diameter of the cuff bangle in the position shown on photograph 75 mm. Width of the bangle is 11mm. Its weight is a relatively heavy 22 grams. The bangle is composed of at least 92.5% pure silver and is stamped 925. The darker backdrop is the natural pre-polishing colour of silver.

Please note this bangle differs slightly to the one previously published which did not have such pronounced tapered ends and was also lighter.