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Silver Cuff Bangle with Flattened Rope Wrapping

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silver cuff bangle with rope interior

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Suitable for gents or ladies or for any age group or style. A multicultural item of jewellery that is so versatile that it can worn at anytime and with anything.

The beveled edge is wonderfully smooth and creates a cool and comfortable feel.

This style is inspired from an old Celtic pattern dating back many centuries. It looks as creative and contemporary today as it must have done hundreds of years ago.

The detailed braiding is wrapped around the cuff and blends into the darker background by the precision weld.

detailed braiding wrapped around bangle

A Heavy Bangle with Classical Looks

A silver Cuff bangle with an interior band of roped silver bordered by a fine line of further silver rope. The flattened ropes are wrapped around the cuff which has a beveled edge of both sides. Its classical looks make it a desirable and exciting piece of jewellery.


Dimensions of Cuff Bangle

A fairly heavyweight 30 grams makes it a solid item of jewellery. The width of the cuff band itself is 14 mm. The wrist width is a medium size of 70 mm although this can be slightly expanded or contracted. The underside of the cuff band is plain silver making it suitable for engraving a message or identity. It is marked 925 and is a perfect sized item of silver jewellery that is neither too clunky or too thin. The bangle is made from a composite of layers all welded together in one piece.