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Silver Bangle with curved twist

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silver cuff bangle with a curved twist
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This beautiful bangle is hand crafted to perfection.

As it is made from sterling silver it cannot be damaged by wearing whilst surfing or bathing.

This sleek and smooth bangle can be worn by anyone who appreciates style.

silver bangle with a curved twist

Subtle Wave of Silver

A solid sterling silver cuff bangle with a curved twist that can be expanded to fit any size wrist. A wavy and curvaceous bangle with a subtle wave of silver. Its appealing wave will add a splash of dazzling silver to any outfit.


Dimensions of Heavyweight Wave Bangle

Approximate weight is 16 grams. It is constructed from one band of silver which is 5mm wide at one end tapering up to 9mm at the other end. The band is carefully curved during its construction process however the bangle can be opened and made to fit any size of wrist. The edges of the silver band are bevelled and highly polished to give a smooth feel and elegant look.