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This beautiful bangle is hand crafted to perfection.

As it is made from sterling silver it cannot be damaged by wearing whilst surfing or bathing.

This chunky, heavy-duty bangle need not be confined to the surfing community as its unique design permits it to be worn by anyone with a sense of style.

Sea Waves

large silver bangle with surfers waves

£69.95 - sorry sold out A heavy-weight sterling silver cuff bangle in the classical surfers wave design. When it comes to striding the beaches or simply adorning evening wear, this majestic and heavy item of jewellery has few equals. Moreover it need not be restricted to the surfing community as its appealing waves will add a splash of dazzling silver to any outfit.

wave cuff bangle

Dimensions of Heavyweight Wave Bangle

Approximate wrist diameter of bangle in position shown on photograph 70 mm. It is a wide bangle measuring 15 mm across and it is also quite thick being constructed from a 2 mm thick solid cuff band, the approximate weight of which is a relatively heavy 55 grams. It is much larger and thicker than our medium sized wave bangle