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Silver bangle with a Silver Sphere

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Plain Silver Bangle with a ball

The perfect sphere of silver on one end, has a diameter of approximately 10 mm. The shiny ball is welded onto the twin band bangle and acts as a clasp. It is held in place by the tension within the connecting band of silver.

A feature of this silver bangle is the ability to wear it all your round. the stunning curves and elegant simplicity permit this gorgeous accessory to blend with any attire.

silver bangle with a sphere

Round Styling for that Sleek Effect

A silver bangle composed of an all round twin band of silver, with a shiny sphere on one end that overlaps its curved opposite end. This timeless classic just never seems to go out of fashion.


Dimensions of Silver Bangle

spherical silver bangle

The wrist diameter of this spherical bangle in the position shown in the image is 63 mm which means it will fit average sized female wrists. The Width of each band is 3 mm and they gently fuse together to from a band that is 6 mm wide. The bangle's approximate weight is 16 grams.