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Silver Bangle with a Zigzag Pattern

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Silver bangle with a zig zag pattern

There is range of cultures and styles mixed into this design. Some say it reminds them of a native North American Indian style, whilst others say it can be traced back to the early Mayan civilizations of South America. Either way it has a contemporary look and feel about it.

The darker background is created where the silver has been left in its natural state after soldering. The right angles line and the border of the cuff have been polished to give a two tone effect to the jewellery.

Seven interlinked silver bangles

A Contemporary Cuff Bangle

A sterling silver cuff bangle with a zigzag pattern. This unisex bangle makes a great gift of silver jewellery. The ridge of silver follows a line all the way around at right angles. The pattern was inspired by a South American Aztec design dating many centuries ago.


Zigzag bangle Dimensions

Approximate wrist diameter of bangle as illustrated is 65 mm. Width of band (from top to bottom) is 10 mm and its approximate weight is 22 grams. It has a series of small patterned grooves around the polished right angles line.

Both masculine and feminine it suits all age groups and styles.