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Funky silver bangle

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funky silver bangle

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An unusual and creative silver bangle that once adorned will light up the wrist of its wearer with style and panache.

The bangle is a great example of silver jewellery at its best. Both contemporary in style and solid in construction.

Whether you prefer a night out on the dance floor or a cup of tea by a village fete, this bangle, with its zany design, offers you the choice to wear where you like.

This is a much heavier version to the one we use to previously sell for a cheaper price.

silver bangle with a zany twist

Cuff Bangle with Zany Twists

A funky sterling silver cuff bangle. This bangle is composed of one band of silver which is precision twisted to create stunning curves. The curves gently undulate around the wrist to display a shining and breathtaking silver accessory.


Funky Silver Bangle Dimensions

The approximate diameter of bangle in position shown on photograph is 64 mm. The width of the band is 3 mm and its approximate weight is 14 grams. Its sturdy yet comfortable weight and size make it a much loved accessory cast from real silver. Its zany twist makes it an eye-catching bangle.