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Seven in One Silver Bangle

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Seven bangles in one silver bangle

A wide and highly visual bangle. The individual bangles create a wide and noticeable bangle that is comfortable to wear. It is gift wrapped making it a lovely gift of silver jewellery for almost any occasion.

The strong and unique design can be worn throughout the seasons.

In the silver rings department of this site there are also available silver Russian wedding rings, that will make the perfect companion to this bangle.

Seven interlinked silver bangles

Seven Interlinked Bangles

Seven all round silver bangles interlinked in a Russian wedding ring fashion. The solid, curved bands of silver, create this visually stunning bangle. An interesting feature of this silver jewellery, is the ability to manipulate its shape into a variety of different patterns. Each bangle interlinks with the others to form one unique bangle.


Its plain and neutral colour means it is a versatile accessory that will compliment any other colour. Moreover the seven bangles combine together to create a visually chunky and adorable fashion accessory.

Dimensions of Bangle

Approximate wrist diameter of each individual bangle is 65mm. Its approximate weight is 12 grams. Each band measures roughly 1mm across and has a smooth bevelled edge for a comfortable and relaxing sensation.