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Waved Twist silver Bangle

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Waved Twist silver Bangle

The ideal companion, either whilst surfing the waves or simply relaxing in a bar.

It is quite hard to find silver jewellery of such outstanding quality for such an outstanding price.

This modern and sleek design will blend with practically any item form your wardrobe.

Waved Twist silver Bangle

A Waved Cuff of Pure Sterling Silver

A delightful little silver cuff bangle composed of a single cuff band with a wavy twist. Although a feminine and delicate design, it is quite a robust and solid piece of jewellery, that looks great on any wrist throughout all the seasons. The subtlety and simplicity of this stylish bangle creates a desirable and elegant accessory.


Waved Twist silver Bangle

Dimensions of Cuff Bangle

The approximate wrist width of the bangle is 62 mm although this can be opened slightly for a larger wrist. In the centre of the bangle the width of the cuff band is 4 mm which gently narrows down to 3 mm at its rounded end. It weighs approximately 14 grams.