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Silver Bangle with Silver Balls

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silver bangle with balls

The ends of the cuff band are rounded off, to maximise the comfort and smooth feel of the bangle.

The bangle is also a great accompaniment to those wearing a banana or belly bar, as the balls are the same size as most banana bar ends.

The spherical and simplistic design permits this gorgeous item of jewellery to blend with any attire at either formal or informal occasions.

silver bangle with balls

A Slim and Chic Cuff Bangle

A slim and chic band of sterling silver beautifully decorated with a series of silver balls. The five spheres of sterling silver are equally spaced apart to produce a visually stunning item of jewellery.


Dimensions of Bangle

chic silver cuff bangle

This chic little bangle is a modest 7 grams meaning its lightweight structure is comfortable throughout all times of the year. The wrist size of the bangle is roughly 65 mm although since it is a cuff bangle it can be slightly adjusted. The diameter of each silver ball is 5 mm.