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Slim All Round Silver Bangle

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slim Silver Bangle with silver balls

Whether its that special night out or a glass of wine over a table with friends this is the perfect accompaniment. The straight lines are right angled with a gentle yet subtle curve.

The plain design is an ideal apparel in an office or a casual environment.

The silver is carefully tensioned to maintain its shape and style when applying to the wrist. Excessive force should be avoided so as not to bend it out of shape.

slim silver bangle

A Unique Silver Bangle

A slim sterling silver all round bangle. This contemporary accessory is designed to be worn either alone or combined with more of the same design. It is both neoteric in style and unique in design. It will not fail to enrapture particularly if four or five of them are all worn at the same time from the wrist upwards.


Bangle Dimensions

Approximate wrist width of the bangle in position shown on photograph, is 69 mm. The solid band is a slim 1 mm thick and each ball has a diameter of roughly 2 mm. It is a lightweight bangle which weighs only 2 grams.

multiple bangles on wrist

The combined effect of three or more of these bangles is quite stunning, particularly when the spheres or balls are spaced at different angles. The multiple bangles can also be swapped from wrist to wrist.