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All Round Plain Silver Bangle

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Plain Silver Bangle with safety chain

This all time classic item of jewellery which can be worn in a casual or formal environment.

The bangle everyone likes which can be opened into two halves and then easily slipped over the wrist.

The inner surface is flat, smooth and a joy to wear. The outer surface is domed in shape to maximize the reflective properties of the silver.

All Round Plain silver Bangle

A Favourite Silver Accessory

A small and simple sterling silver bangle. The classic design of an all round polished silver band has a concealed centre clasp and hinge, which enables the bangle to open into two halves. The highly polished and reflective surface makes it an attractive wrist accessory. A bangle that can be worn by men or women. Attached to the bangles is a small sterling safety chain.


Silver Bangle's Dimensions

The approximate wrist width or diameter of the bangle is 61mm and therefore suitable for average sized wrists. The width of the actual tubing of the bangle is a wide 5mm. Please note the bangle is hollow inside, hence its comparatively lightweight of approximately 10 grams.