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Silver Spider Brooch

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Although not the best item of silver jewellery for those who suffer from Arachnophobia, it nevertheless is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship. The large Amethyst is clawed to secure its setting.

Each of the spiders eight legs are carefully detailed to replicate the features of the real thing.

dragonfly silver brooch


Faceted amethyst stone set on a marcasite sterling silver spider brooch. Two faceted rose-quartz stones are set as the spiders eyes. An unusual and exciting gift of silver jewellery. The main body of the spider is decorated with marcasite stones.

£26.95 We hope to make the spider for sale shortly.

Dimensions of Brooch

Approximate height 30 mm by a width of 30 mm. Its weight is roughly 10 grams and the amethyst has been multi faceted to create a harmony of shimmering purple colours.