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The turquoise and paua-shell cufflinks are fastened onto the shirt cuff by the chain link pull through.

The silver is solid throughout and of sterling quality. Consequently they are fully water-proof and are assured to last many generations with normal use.

Ideal for the wedding groom. Real sterling silver that will last for generations and yet for the same price of an imitation novelty pair.

cufflinks inlaid with turquoise


£13.95 - A turquoise stone inlaid on sterling silver. The square cut turquoise lies flush with its silver mount. The turquoise exhibits the classic dark turquoise veins or spiders web as it sometimes known. The body of the cufflink is a quite thick 4 mm. Weight of both cufflinks is 8 grams. sorry but we have now sold out of the turquoise cufflinks

cufflinks inlaid with paua shell


£15.95 Dark Paua Shells from New Zealand are used to great effect on this cufflink. The reflective properties of the shell create an ambiance of green colour blended with silver. They represent Jewellery that makes a statement of using only natural materials to create style.

lapis cufflinks


£19.95 - Oval cut lapis stones set in a similarly shaped base. The dark blue lapis lazuli has been a stone that has featured in jewellery since ancient egyptian times. The beautiful finish of the stone has a soft sheen to its polished surface. Unlike the other two pairs which utilises "t-bars" this type has stones on both sides of the shirt cuff. Each one measures 10 mm by 15 mm and the combined weight of both cufflinks is 14 grams so they are quite a chunky item of silver jewellery. sorry but we have now sold out of the lapis