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Malachite on silver cufflinks

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A pair of jump rings connect the two oval mounts to form these classical cufflinks. Constructed entirely from sterling silver they are both very durable and long lasting.

Malachite is similar to some agates insofar that it is composed of multiple layers of different tones of its original colour. In essence it is Copper Carbonate Hydroxide and the colour tones vary from dark to light green.

malachite silver cufflinks


- A pair of oval cut green malachite stones set on sterling silver cufflinks. The Malachite comes from South America and has a similar chemistry to Azurite insofar as both are copper based.

Sorry but these cufflinks are currently out of stock.

The characteristic of malachite is the array of green colours often in a similar pattern to the grain of a wood, however this type is more of the aventurine texture being smooth with a glass like finish. The rich variety of green colour makes them an utterly unique item of silver jewellery. Please note we only have one pair left in stock.

Cufflink Specifications

malachite cufflinks

The cufflinks weigh in total six to eight grams and the oval cut stones measure roughly 10 mm by 15 mm. The chain links are composed of three jump rings welded onto rings attached to the reverse of the cuff-link body. The perfect combination of silver jewellery with a green or white shirt.