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Pentagram cufflinks

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cuff links with pentagrams
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The stainless steel is of the 316 type which guarantees that it is resistant to normal corrosion that ordinary steel can suffer from.

Each cufflink has a 17 mm rounded bar that swivels on a hinged bar. This enables the cufflink to be easily added to a shirt cuff.

The star itself is highlighted by a darker background created by anodizing the surface of the steel.

pentagram cufflinks


A pair of pentagram cufflinks cast in stainless steel. The characteristic five pointed star is captured in high quality stainless steel. The Star is bordered by a unique charcoal coloured pattern of classical design.

The cuff links weigh fifteen grams and are constructed from high grade stainless steel. The unique quality of stainless steel is that it does not oxidise like normal steel due to the high content of chromium.

Sorry these cufflinks have sold out.