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Jewellery ideal for the proms

Stand out and above the crowd if you are attending the proms or a similar event.

You need not be a patriot to enjoy these cufflinks. The union jack has for many years been an iconic fashion statement enjoyed particularly in the Far East. The colours are what attract and not just the symbol of the united kingdom.

The Union Jack derives its name from a combination of the Union of Scotland, England and N. Ireland with the "Jack staff" found on navy ships.

uk flag cufflinks

Union Jacks for your Shirt Cuffs

£49.95 -A pair of hand-made sterling silver British flag cuff-links, using hand-cut mother of pearl and lapis lazuli to create the union Jack. Constructed entirely from silver, each piece of gemstone is carefully hand cut and mounted onto a square base. The iridescent qualities of the mother of pearl reflect light in a shimmering pattern of white, blue and red hues. A lifetime gift of jewellery for men.

Carnelian is also used to give the cufflinks their red colour. Kindly note these have been such a popular item of jewellery that we now only have one pair of these cufflinks remaining.

british flag cufflinks

UK Flag Cufflink Dimensions

The combined weight of these unique cuff-links is approximately 22 grams. Each cuff-link measures approximately 19 mm by 19 mm. The curved arm is 20 mm long leading to a swivelling bar that measures approximately 16 mm in length. The red is the carnelian whilst the blue is the lapis.