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Tear-Drop Shaped Amber Earrings

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celtic silver earrings with amber
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Some say they are the only pair of ear-rings they wear because of their versatility to combine with any range of dress. Similar designs sell for many times more than our price although one of the qualities with amber is that each piece is utterly unique because no one piece of amber is identical to another.

To the rear of the earring a solid sterling silver plinth which maximises the full effect of the rich amber colours.

silver celtic earrings with amber

Baltic Amber

A pair of ravishing tear-drop shaped cognac ambers, set on a similar shaped silver plinth. This classical earring design will look chic and elegant with any outfit, throughout all seasons. The silver tear-drop shaped Amber is a quite deep 5mm which gives the earring a solid look and feel to them. The ambers are a bulbous in shape and are a rich cognac colour.


Earring Dimensions

These classic and well-formed ear-rings weigh nearly 3 grams. Their plinth is welded onto a pair of sterling silver hooks and stamped 925, the 92.5 per cent pure silver alleviates any concern over allergic reactions. The ear-ring (excluding hook) measures 9 mm at its widest point and 16mm at its longest.