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Amber Pyramid Earrings

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celtic silver earrings with amber
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The reverse side (see image below) has a small triangular window to allow visual access and light to the amber. The front side is open exposing the remarkable qualities of the amber. Currently this design is exclusive to the silverstall.

reverse of amber pyramid  earrings
silver pyramid earrings with amber

Amber innovation

An innovative design of amber and silver earrings. The triangle of amber is set inside a pyramid of solid silver. One side of the stretched pyramid is open to expose the alluring qualities of the amber.


Earring Dimensions

pyramid amber earrings

These spectacular amber ear-rings weigh approximately 5.1 grams. The craftsmen have cut the amber into a triangle and set it in the base of an elongated pyramid of sterling silver. Approximate dimensions are 10 mm Wide by 25 mm High x 10mm deep.